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Berlin "Towards a Global, Embodied Covenant"

Re-inventing Democracy

Dialog among Civilizations - Dialog towards Unity in Diversity

Dialogues and Conversations - Participation and Moderation/Mediation: Ways and Means towards Re-inventing Democracy and Good-Governance

Positions and Identities in Global Contexts: Awareness of Self and Others with me, you, we, they and "others" models

Flatlands & Deeplands - a page about maps and models and Earth Literacy

Towards one Possible Global Embodied Covenant: Models, - not just Systems, Signs, Words and Images - Interdisciplinary Conference 2004: The Evolution of World Order - EWOC

Using Maps and Models, SuperSigns and SuperStructures - CODATA 2005

Granularity, Topicality, and Generalization of Information - Reflections about maps and models, orienting generalizations and their possible pragmatic and ethical implications and challenges, CODATA 2005

Oikos-Ecumene-Ecodomy - contribution to a conference on space and sacred spaces. The proposal to share a World House or House of Eyes as part of a cognitive panorama

Panoptic, the need to see big pictures on common jointly explored and discussed schemas or frames


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It takes a very long time to become young. --Pablo Picasso

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 Open Educational Resources - OER
picture picture picture picture picture picture picture 12 Sep 2014 @ 08:43


This is really a very very Special Event ! Check the Videos, Sites, BarCamp Sessions ! I did not present my slides like at the pitch at the Institute for Internet and Society PDF - NEW RENAISSANCE 3: [PDF] 2009, the Cognitive Spaces and Panorama Design: or the NEW LANGUAGE, NEW CULTURE, NEW SCIENCE slides I did at Peace Nobels gahering in Berlin to highlight the work of ELINOR OSTROM and her work on COMMONS and "WALLS": [link] and the section I mentioned in the letter the Commons Cluster to Heads of States (PDF) from this week.

But with the quality of the participants so we could immediately go to the meta-level, the co-existence of maps & models, order schemas, coherence, connectedness, creativity and co-creation in different cultures, the going beyond a single true model towards Service and pragmatics, humility and curiosity beyond the Need to agree ...
I am very happy that I took the chance to pitch in the barcamp, and I even sited and discussed the letter on the way for the CIVIL SOCIETY, the Commons Network around the UN and our proposals for HEAD OF STATES and United Nations Ambassadors. I reported last week here and will add the documents at: COMMONS CLUSTER & CAUCUS recommendations letter Sept 15: (PDF) [link]

More later .... thrilling two days - Looks like nobody is leaving even on a Saturday !!

I recommend - Professor Ulf Ehlers is presently on stage! about learning architectures and the transformation of Learning in Societies. Great exchanges with him...

Before, "our" barcamp in the EINSTEIN Saal was like a great gift. A great circle, all eyes, ears and tongues.... I should have recorded audio/video... I did not show any slides but we subsumed and resonated on the "meta-level" about orders and schemas, multi-, trans-, meta-, poly-, trans., ... a great circle I will CC and include beside this WIKIMEDIA OER event.
Rushing.-... I better make a second entry on what happened in "my" session in the BAR CAMP. check tomorrow and the material - work in Progress - at the barcamp site of the OERde14 at the wikimedia - bpb site.  More >

 literaturfestival & Vision Summit: WeQ and IQ?
picture picture picture 10 Sep 2014 @ 16:41
Two top events start tonight. The 14th literaturfestival Sept 10-20 and the VISION SUMMIT Sept. 10-11.
I have seen twice Jeremy Rifkin twice already this week, and the other keynoters are "known" - so my decision is clear, Literature, Games, Digital Society, World in Turmoil and SNOWDEN, Martin Luther King and TRUST. As always very wide and deep cultural, aesthetic, intellectual sessions/events. A MUST GO !! Check the programe !!

I will now go to the DIGITAL SOCIETY roles/functions/impact of computer games.
The protagonists of games, computer games, are speaking from practical experience, food for though, regarding competences and meta-level approaches. Food for thought, even for someone like me, who never played any such "game". Some studies are out and are highlighted in this years theme: Digital Society.
Terms used make sense to, also that film got some tme to get "accepted" in society. The idea that a game designer is like an in-betweener movie-maker/regisseur is appealing. Can the "homo ludens" develop by playing games with positive ends? For me it is still like this deadly war themes, like in films.
So do we need to revisit the mental mobility and multi-modal/-perspective side of games? poly-ocular...***?

Come back... as I know to the education guys who will definitely oppose such virtual end electronic "learning".....

The VISION SUMMIT again this year is well attended ! The separation into WeQ and Social Entrepreneurship as as 2 themes for the next years is on the horizon for the VISIONs SUMMIT !?

I have some concerns about the terms and intentions.

1) IQ means Intelligence or Intelligence Quotient? [link] ?? so what is WeQ? Is it the "We IQ" ?? and how are we going beyond numbers and symbols?
2) Is the "We"-Intelligence a new "group" intelligence? is this something about smart, group "intelligence"?
3) how about the "intelligence or "smartness" of "others"?? And can such Groups or Clans learn cultivating their "Silos" or "friends"-gatherings?
4) I did a presentation at the CLUB OF BUDAPEST - MembersMeeting at UNESCO Paris 1996 ?? about me - we - ypu they - others models [link] of a "Positional and Perspective Optics" and around that time at WFSF
maybe we should revisit OPTICS OF ETHICS 1995 [link] WFSF 1995 See also "House of Eyes" ISSS 1996 [link]
5) we speak about group-think and clan-think ... and spread-think pls check: John Warfield: [link]
6) Are the "WE" "assembling" in magnetic-portals nowadays !?? Check Humane Information Society [link] and maybe tormorrow: Open Learning - OER ! [link] and the discussion about sharing "big data" or exchangig "wise" context/Situation specific knowledge.

7) Is the WeQ only a term to form community - another of these great VIOSION SUMMITS in the past where "commons" met / meet !?

picture 9 Sep 2014 @ 07:35
Jeff Jarvis is on this morning. He zoomed into Gutenberg - but is this enough to ponder the pros and cons.
I wonder if he read Giesecke: Mythen of the BookCulture and Visions of the Information Society. Unfortunately only in German? Mythen der Buchkultur und Visionen der Informationsgesellschaft. [link]
I will show it to him in a moment: METHODS [link] and this "sources"/Quellen but also ON DIALOG [link] the Figures used in Giesecke: [link]  More >

picture picture picture 8 Sep 2014 @ 13:06
A top-notch technology and media-telecommunication event in the new CityCube Berlin [link] We have a New Temple in Berlin. Lots of concrete, steel and glass like the ICC. I come to see Jeremy Rifkin again was in 2001, a week after September 11. This was a very special event, but even then, few of the top-top speakers like HASAN BIN TALAL, could not make it, and we know why.... but Jeremy made it and so here he is again at IFA+, but also 3 other top-events, the American Academy and Vision Summit. So fasten seat-belts for an exciting line of events this week.

So back to the "NEXT LEVEL", a new event-format in the fields of MOBILITY - HEALTH - BIG DATA - DESIGN - HOME - ENTERTAINMENT
maybe check first the link and start the the Next Level Of Thinking: The internet of things
IFA is creating a separate conference format entitled 'IFA+ Summit – Next Level Of Thinking'. Mobility ... it is like a quality and industry TED - but I might be wrong.
There is TED and TEDmed, maybe they could also learn from each other... and leap-frog, another term we heare here abound....

A lot of "buzz-words" new hipp words, and tech-hype - but words are very special to me: leverage, fusion, multi-modal, trust, smart ... - but how about intelligent, human, social and cultural,... - I recall  More >

 wibadiwum - we re-construct the world?? - with WUM !?? IFA TecWatch
picture picture picture 6 Sep 2014 @ 18:09
Smart Building, Transport, Production,.... ?
At IFA's 90th - it was founded in 1924 as "Funkausstellung" and there I find a very special hall, the Wibadiwum Live Forum at the IFA TecWatch [link] *** English-link??***, and there I come across WIBADIWUM ​
see - Wibadiwum - Landing Page [link] -
and see immediately an interview with Carl Fechner, another early media bird around environment, energy, community.

The second, very special event is on at IFA- Tecwatch: Ernst von Weizsäcker, Co-Präsident internationaler Club of Rome and Laurent Abadie, Panasonic Europe, CEO

The title: The smart World: New Perspectives thanks to Intelligent Technology
Die smarte Welt: Das große Ganze. Neue Perspektiven durch intelligente Technik.

I have some questions when I hear the title:
Smart?, also Intelligent and Humane and Sustainable !?
Footprint handprint mindprint [link]
Social and cultural innovations

The examples by Laurent Abadie are really impressive, scaling up from environment-friendly houses to towns. Again a deja vu for me, I think we should revisit BuKA 1990. ***** We had long discussions already starting with the name: Active-house, Passive-House, Zero-Energy-House, Intelligent-House, Smart House, ....
Immediately these 2 recent entries come to my mind - maybe good for reading "in-bertween" - while I complete this article.
- "24 years GLOBAL CHANGE - Challenges to Science and Politics": [link]
- I introduced Ernst von Weizsäcker in 1990 to this GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition, maybe see here his 75th birthday: [link]

tomorrow - Sundad is another interesting event: I need to check if there is Life-Streaming: THE SMART TOWN, The New Mobility, Together for a better Quality of Life.
Sonntag, den 7. September 2014 - Die smarte Stadt: Die neue Mobilität. Gemeinsam für bessere Lebensqualität.
On Tuesday there is a "pitch-marathon" - I will take note...  More >

picture picture picture picture picture
 mekolab: media - multi-cultures - communication - journalism
picture picture picture picture picture picture 3 Sep 2014 @ 13:57
#mekolab workshops -
Podien, Vorträgen und Exkursionen: programme
Great Programme, top Speakers and Coures at Humboldt University for hands-on learning for everything around media, learning, journalism, interviewing, Speed-reading, ....... all fields connected. Hosted by the Humboldt University and with Media Partners are the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the Publishers UVK Verlagsgesellschaft this is a top Event.
Quite bunch of professionals: Konstanze Werner | Autorin - Mely Kiyak | Publizistin - Prof. Dr. Thomas Leif | Chefreporter Fernsehen swr - Dr. Chadi Bahouth | Neue Deutsche Medienmacher - Linda Zervakis | Tagesschau - Jennifer Beckers | Kommunikationstrainerin - Dr. Anabel Ternès | Professorin für Internationales Kommunikationsmanagement - Prof. Dr. Michael Haller | Hamburg Media School und IPJ Leipzig - Nea Matzen | Redakteurin - Mike Kortsch | Technische Universität Dortmund, Institut für Journalistik - Julia Mattes | Kommunikationstrainerin - René Märtin | Deutsches Empowerment-Institut - Prof. Dr. Wiltrud Gieseke | Humboldt-Universität Berlin - Dr. Christian Hanke | Bezirksbürgermeister von Berlin-Mitte - Tanja Riel | MBA MORE TO COME A.S.A.P.

 Media Arts&Sciences Worlds - Academies symposium & UN COMMONS drafting
picture 1 Sep 2014 @ 13:48
If would only have 2 lives these hours and out times.... There is a top Symposium about Media with the German Academies and in parallel we draft letters to heads of State in the UN ECOSOC COMMONS causus working Group on TITAN PAD. As I would like hightlight the common themes and challenges I include here 3 bullets for the discussion - draft letter. Anyone interested can go to TITANPAD: and/or read my Points below !
The letter/document to the HEADS OF STATES will be published here in early September 2014. Well here it is: (Sept 15 inserted): [link]

But maybe also check tweets at #medialewelten and the Geman DIGITAL SOCIETY effort:

more later - I have to tweet and party, make the telephone conference now !! and tour the exhibition in HAMBURGER BAHNHOF - the Arts Exhibition place in town.
The Letter to HofS is in the working, letter/check:
FINAL VERSION added Sept 15: [link]

This is the chapter I am busy with: (the full letter and link as available publicly or on request)

Ø Another thread to tackle and consider in addressing highly diverse and complex issues across sectors and scales, in addition to cultures and languages, is that of looking into the frameworks or superstructures and conceptual scale-models needed to outline and develop “common frames of references” as Noel Brown, then the Director of UNEP North America, requested after Rio ’92. [link]

We suggest that you could look at the following webpages for more information about this:  More >

 German Chancellery – Boxes and Models for the Public – 24 years ago and today
picture picture picture picture picture 31 Aug 2014 @ 17:41
Happy Birthday? - Exactly 24 years and 4 month today - we presented a Cube - or call it box - at the exibition in the German Chancellery “Global Change – Challenges to Science and Politics” – today and yesterday there is a déjà-vu for me as today INBAK exhibits 2 "boxes" (BooksboXXes =BücherboXX) in the new Federal Chancellery in Berlin – we call it in Berlin “Washing Maschine”. Another "magic" box or cube...

How to address the public ? – How to include the public ? But not on the shallow sense of entertainment and politainment, but including and engaging the public, but also sciences, media, politics. In both cases we try with something tangible, something concrete, something to share and negotiate….

Today with the Federal Minister and Head of the Chancellery [link] and in charge of special affairs, Peter Altmaier, we have the opening of the Public Day, ...  More >

picture picture picture picture picture picture
 DIVERSITY CHARTA - Charta der Vielfalt
picture picture picture picture 28 Aug 2014 @ 19:44
Highly recommended - parallel to the anual Ambassadors - Botschafterkonferenz 2014 there was the signing of the CHARTA [link] in the Foreign Office and we have since yesterday the 65th of the UN.

Charta der Vielfalt
It is an initiative around diversity management, gender, nationality, orientation, religion, intercultural dimensions, ... [link] - Check: [link] - [link]

The press "signing in" was in the connex of the ambassadors meeting every year. Highly recommended to learn that these people work hard and connect, even without media and the public.

"Besides" we have since yesterday high time in NYC at the High Level exercise at the United NAtions. I can only attend virtually.... Maybe you also want to "attend"?: United Nations ‏@UN Continues today in NYC - #UNNGO2014 Conference - see @UNDPINGO & [link] for updates.

picture picture picture picture

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This is my News Log, a private-public diary presenting events, symposia and happenings in Berlin and elsewhere, my farings, focus, and concerns.
The Log links in to my work and interests and presents issues and special concern of maybe a very small group of "concerned, engaged generalist" - a Global Interest Group (GIG). This needs to be seen in contrast to the ubiquitous Specialized Interest Groups (SIGs), the "scientific" approach to organize subject areas and specialisation and standardisation of means, nomenclatures, and modes of thinking. One of my favourite stories is "Longing for Unified Knowledge" where such a "specialist" runs into the founding session of the early general systems associations, mumbling "this is not my field" (as reported by Ivan M. Havel in our ISSS Wholeness Seminar).
As a starter I also recommend to check my MINDPRINT site, where we add the need for HANDPRINTS and MINDPRINTS, as FOOTPRINTS are good to visualize and communicate numbers, densities or consumption per area, but are not sufficient to negotiate and "harmonize" across domains and communicate gains in different cultures, technologies, times,... in short: incompatible but relevant information and our work on dialog, peace, policy-making, and multi-modal, facetted issues and consequences.
What am I? This is a "well-packed" question for which I have not the or a single answer. Some People called me an in-betweener, go-getter, facilitator, hub, marvel-hero, trim-tab, ....
I have not single answer as I feel we Need to walk the talk and sing and dance Life !
To nebulous an answer? I am sorry but I do not go for overclaims and oversimplifications, under-complex and over-simplistic approaches to real issues.

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