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Granularity, Topicality, and Generalization of Information - Reflections about maps and models, orienting generalizations and their possible pragmatic and ethical implications and challenges, CODATA 2005

Oikos-Ecumene-Ecodomy - contribution to a conference on space and sacred spaces. The proposal to share a World House or House of Eyes as part of a cognitive panorama

Panoptic, the need to see big pictures on common jointly explored and discussed schemas or frames


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"All things in the world come from being. And being comes from non-being." (Lao-Tzu)

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 Climate - COP21 - action areas
picture 30 Nov 2015 @ 13:39
yesterday - demonstration in Berlin - today the negotiations starts.

Since years I did not attend a demonstration. It was against the IRAK war, where I was helping in organising the MONDAY DEMONSTRATIONS [link] Typically I feel I can make a difference in the other sectors. See what Cop showed in his WISDOM CIRCLE diagramme ! [link] have a careful look !

I am still on hold, waiting for my press accreditation for Paris, which was declined a a long procedure by the UNFCCC office ! I protested and will keep you briefed and wonder how I will react in view of such an ignorance and innocence !

 World Philosophy Day 2015 - UNESCO HQ Paris
picture picture picture picture picture 19 Nov 2015 @ 15:51
World Philosophy Day 2015
I am a "shadowy left-over" from the UNESCOs 70ies celebrations - G38 (see first picture below and yesterdays blog). After attending all these "High Level stuff" it is a good break to check into this annual gathering on Philosophy- Education - Religion - Pragmatics .... maybe they can reconcile old philosophical schools and fights and come back into relevant lives. Maybe Philosophy now is ready for fighting their sectarianisms, overclaims and oversimplification. Check PDF: "Ignorance Paper":

Pasted from the official UNESCO website: Philosophy Day at UNESCO.
By celebrating the World Philosophy Day each year, on the third Thursday of November, UNESCO underlines the enduring value of philosophy for the development of human thought, for each culture and for each individual.

"Faced with the complexity of today’s world, philosophical reflection is above all a call to humility, to take a step back and engage in reasoned dialogue, to build together the solutions to challenges that are beyond our control. This is the best way to educate enlightened citizens, equipped to fight stupidity and prejudice. The greater the difficulties encountered the greater the need for philosophy to make sense of questions of peace and sustainable development."
Irina Bokova UNESCO Director-General
[more] below !

Some midnight overnighting musing:
The week in Paris gave me some food for thought and life. One night I woke up with the idea to create a site on STORY LIVING - after all this stories told ...
The Paris nightmare next door to my hostel, the speech from Hollande, the endless struggle of UNESCO and the UN the last 70 years, all our struggles for water, soil, health, climate, ... all came back and so talking with a "new era"?? DOWN TO EARTH philosophers on practical approaches - given the perplexing complexity of old and new - was really exciting and so I hope I will have the time to check out more on such old/new educational, technological and perennial approaches and kindred spirits! THANKS UNESCO for doing such "celebration years" and opening to wider circles !! with new media means and formats.

It is getting late now - TOMORROW Berlin is on the horizon...


It was refreshing to talk with very special and dedicated participants, specially the last session with Maha, Phinith, Angelique, Claire, Didier, John, ... I should have asked for a copy of the PHILOSOPHY MANUAL from a south-south perspective: Check the website and programmes mentioned below. I on my side promised to connect and learn more....

In establishing World Philosophy Day in 2005, the General Conference highlighted .... see:  More >

picture picture picture picture picture picture
 UNESCO 70th - Leader Forum and Paris under siege
picture picture picture 17 Nov 2015 @ 15:03
The UNESCOs Leaders Forum and the 70 years celebrations [link] are a good reason, not only because Hollande and Obama are in the programme....
Check the official websites and videos
social websites and tweets #unesco38C and come back ...
as my vicinity is also taking some breath and attention.... come back !

picture picture picture picture picture picture
 Klaus Töpfer: Honorary Symposium by IASS in the B.-B. Academy of Sciences
picture picture 12 Nov 2015 @ 21:39
Yesterday night was an impressive gathering, a farewell for Klaus Töpfer with many of the typical and unusual suspects, I for example was very surprised and happy to see Ashok Koshla, Paul Crutzen, Peter Altmaier, .... Klaus and his Institute has invited some of the people who followed the last or some even last 25+ years...

We had an exciting event, podium and great F2F exchanges. Some thoughts and memories need to be shared, maybe here in the next week.
But before check the records and recordings: *****

For more see: [link]
check also: [link]
and Soils in the Nexus: [link]

maybe check HUFFINGTON POST Germany: [link]

 Europa - Berliner Konferenz 2015 - Europa - Its Values, Its Citizens
picture 10 Nov 2015 @ 22:06
Last weekend and Monday Europe was in Berlin !
It was again a mayor event to help us think and act not only about the three pilars but the foundation and roof of the "House of Europe" - if we want to stick to the metaphor...
I invite you to visit the links, hear the top keynotes and Speeches of the Head of Europe ! The Europa Lectures of the heads of Parliament and Council.

I liked to mingle with the audience Sunday/Monday and will try to respond more consistently ! SO PLEASE COME BACK !!

But before: Check out:

Europe. Its Values, Its Citizens

# BC2015

“A Soul for Europe” and the Allianz Kulturstiftung, together with the European Parliament, cordially invite interested citizens – and more specifically: actors from civil society, business, politics, and European cities – to attend the
Berlin Conference on 8 and 9 November 2015.

At our annual Berlin Conference, the civil initiative “A Soul for Europe”, together with our partners, are looking for answers to today’s pressing questions: How can civil society become a strong partner for future development and change the action from top-down to bottom-up? How can culture and the arts be involved and offer their competences to political decision makers for the creation of a peaceful Europe of Europeans?

The central event on 9 November is on the two topics “The periphery as an inspiration for Europe” and “The city as a spot of innovation, inclusion and of new models for citizenship education”.

On 8 November, a pre-conference Cities for Europe. Cities take a stand will focus on strategies of the cities to deal with the refugees situation in their communities as well as with right-wing populism in European cities.

In the evening of 9 November, EU Council President Donald Tusk will hold the annual “Europa-Rede” (The State of Europe speech) at the invitation of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Robert Bosch Stiftung and Stiftung Zukunft Berlin.

A constantly updated programme can be found on our website at

 Magic Roundtable @ Leverage Projects @ Entrepreneurship Summit
picture picture picture picture picture picture picture 25 Oct 2015 @ 04:54
today is our brunch "SALON SUNDAY" - ANNA LINDH SALON [link] but today at the EntrepreneurSummit where we do a MAGIC ROUNDTABLE for some years: see VIDEO

and as moderated by Farah Lenser. This is the invitation for our Magic Roundtable in the ENTREPRENERSHIP Open-Forum Open-Space.

70 years UNited Nations and 2030 new UN Agenda the last weeks were tooooo exhausting so please excuse and maybe return !??

We also enlarged the "offer" at the Magic Roundable to present the ReefFormers Project with some invited and surprise guests. A very special ad-hoc circle ! Check the REEFs report 2007-2013 [link] and this Video by the Aldebaran Salam media people and the presentation video with Pauli, Faltin, Herz, Burkhardt, Underberg, and ad hoc surprise guests, featuring the offer made at the Magic Round Table in the first Magic Roundtable circle.

If you like to learn more about the ReefFormers please check: and this website of the ReefFormers: and video we presented in the Open Forum: Kornelia Dimitrova _ Reefformers from filmingforchange.

picture picture
 UN 70th and Un/Commons or !? UN|COMMONS !??
picture picture picture picture 24 Oct 2015 @ 21:38
thilling days the last 4 weeks and even more so the last week "celebrating" 70 years United Nations and 70 years UNESCO in 4 weeks

ceck also the UN COMMONS : [link]
maybe see some "impressions" how talking, dining, and wining connect as well:

I am dead after a week oth 70t celebrations an already looking into entrepreneurship tomoorw...
But let me share some links and complete more later...
check: #UN70 and #UNdiscovered

When I revisit MOTHER PELICAN *** I wonder if we can negotionete and make alife "commons". [link]

 DYNAMIC EARTH - today 100 years Alfred Wegener - and beyond!
picture picture picture picture 4 Oct 2015 @ 14:06
The GeoBerlin 2015 [link] is kicked-off today at FU-Berlin by the GeoUnion [link] and other partners/sponsors. The pre-event is celebrating a figure which is one of my "unknown heros": Alfred Wegener [link]
I cite this for onlookers not from the GEO-family so they can digest what he achieved, how extraordinary and different he was:

"Exactly 100 years ago the most outstanding German Geoscientist Alfred Wegener published the first edition of his seminal book “Die Enstehung der Kontinente und Ozeane” (“The Origin of Continents and Oceans”). Today we all know that his seminal hypothesis was only accepted once the pieces of the “plate tectonics” puzzle were put together in the 1960’s. Wegener was 50 years ahead of his time. We should never forget that Wegener was a metereologist and astronomist. He pursued his research on the thermodynamcis of the atmosphere and impact craters with as much energy as his development of “continental drift”.
In our meeting Dynamic Earth – from Alfred Wegener to today and beyond we will review how Wegener‘s findings evolved into to modern Earth system science including its impact on climate and the Earth surface, and how this system affects our daily life: where humans live, what risks we are exposed to, where we find our resources. .... "

Besider Carl Ritter **** Alfred Wegener was one who followed his scientific vigor and intuition, despite all the eminences and egos in science not only those days....

So lets check out the REVOLUION OF GEOSCIENCES !!
I strongly recommend the book of Franz Wuketis: [link] "Outsiders in Science: Pioneers, Trailblazers, Reformers" unfortunately on in in German: Gegen den Strom schwimmen - ein Buch über eigensinnige, mutige, selbstbewusste, hartnäckige Forscher, die als Amateure oder ... [link] who covers such uncompromising, leading, visionary thinkers which were not years, but decades ahead of their times.

I worked 24 years ago with the founding president of the Alfred Wegener Foundation, Friedrich Strauch on exhibitions, fairs, international halls and a profile of the foundation. All recorded, see the Geotechnica opening in 1991, the 2 hall the foundation managed "Local and Global Change" [link] and Members of the Foundation hall with the exhibition introducing the AWS: [link]
but unfortunately the foundation did not survive and tansferred into something quite different, the GeoUnion - Alfred Wegener Stiftung, unfortunately even the GeoTechnica as "the marketplace" of the Earth did not survive.... and I "lost" years of work and investing into such a great venture. Check the websites, no comments as you see how little of the wide courageous intentions and visions of its founding president survived.

Geo Künstler und Geo Juristen ! A great opening lecture by Celâl Şengör a plea for another science, with intuition and creativity.... MANY THANKS - check it out !


The Geographers met last week and Geologists start today. Flatlanders and Deeplanders? Not really ay more. They all use 2D and 3D and there is some progress the last 100 or 200 years. I will come back to this issue in the next days as the Geologists are mcuh more technology driven, multi-D, visualization, modelling,..... all the stuff I was so excited about in the 80ies..... - but now it is "standard" and we have to cope with the Challenges applying such "new tools". Check the programme of GeoBerlin 2015 [link] I am thinking back to the Geotechnica 1991 and the LOCAL AND GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition: [link] - In retrospect it is interesting to remember how much enthusiasm we had those days ... - But the times were not right and even the Alfred Wegener Foundation transformed itself unfortunately... CHECK asks and objectives as part of a profile of the Alfred Wegener Foundation: AWS Aufgaben und Ziele: [link]

 25th Anniversary German Unification - NewThink?
picture picture picture picture picture picture picture 3 Oct 2015 @ 04:39
Today Germany celebrates the Union of East of West. This week was full of reflections and memories about the times those days and today is National Holiday. The Reichstag Parlamentary Assembly and the discussion in the lobby were interesting, but nothing is new and in my view we have missed the momentum and have not build on the Enthusiasm we had 20+years ago. I decided not to join the Parlamentarian Part and Culture pure events, but reflect what went wrong and why!
Some of us were "drunken" and "high", Gorbachev and many others repeated "The New Thinking" has arrived, but I was worried about how that new/non dualistic, unifying thinking can last and get into our minds and actions. I mentioned this to Gorbachev when he introduced his new book: DAS NEUE DENKEN with us in Frankfurt, but he could nor get me. The danger is this polit-talk with "Plastik Words" (Pörksen), I tried to highlight the Challenges when giving a keynote at "Jugend Forscht" in Leipzig ***** or and an essays for a book with Rita Süßmuth and Ossip Flechtheim called "playful thinking" - but it was taken out of the book the very last minute ! I will give this to Rita on Monday...
So why has the "New Thinking" been lost on the way? Why the process of the "RUNDE TISCH" Roundtable assembling Betroffene and Beteiligte to the Table. Uhlmann ****
Why has anything progressive and "avant-garde" like the GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition been "forgotten", why do we always start anew without basing on pragmatic, solid, experienced, ... Old Thinking and project and morph it with possible New Thinking and "Turns". Why have shared "Robust Paths to Global Stability" - see the Challenges [link], have they been read? / understood!?

We celebrated 25 years GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition exactly on May 30th, also in front of the German Chancellery (see WUNDERKAMMER revisited in this blog) but the people from those days are "not in office" any more.
Some, like Rudolf Seiters [link] are now heading the RED CROSS - or the later Culture StateMinister Bernd Neuman [link] who supported our LOCAL AND GLOBAL CHANGE 1991 [link], and last not least Klaus Töpfer who was also with us at the INTERNATIONAL CORNER Geotechnica and LOCAL AND GLOBAL CHANGE, ...they all remembeed well when I met them laterm, where we were in German about coping with GLOBAL CHANGE chellenges towards embodied, coherent "thinking" - but the drive has been lost and we still do the conventional thinking...

In a Nutshell I see that there was with all the needed "Vergangenheitsbewältigung" "coping with the past" that we forgot that there is a much wider HISTORY and we should not only clear the bad stuff, but widen our Views, Including Positions, Perspectives, Frames, Values,... This was my contribution here last Friday at the Digitaler Salon: Virtual Past [link] of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) and there I mentioned the "Digital Peters" GYC 2011 in Geneva with the EARTH FOCUS FOUNDATION. Have a look: [link]

I hear Gürtler, *** and *** now on PHOENIX television and become very concerned... It is about TRUST, COMMON SENSE, AGGRESSION mentally and physically.... When you revisit Baker, Falin, Gorbachev with Raiza, Kohl, Genscher, ... and "lawyers think" which can be very dangerous as we can see..... Genscher remembers Raiza being aware of the Trust Gorbachev gave as a credit - expecting returns ! Gerbachevs NEW THINKING was also NEW ACTING in a progressive, peaceful way !
So again how can we get our thinks and acts together peacefully..

I reference about clan-think and groupthink in MOTHER PELICANs Okt 1st edition with the title: The Human Family in the Anthropocene and there the picture and the editorial essay with focus on ON FINANCE & TECHNOCRACY: [link] Highly recommended !!

Former President von Weizsäcker made the link between being United to Share !!
Or present President Gauck: made the Link between "Zusammenhang und Zusammenhalt" - I citation I used here in 1999 in Culture of Refusal: saying No !! - [link]
and was used by Friedrich Fichte !! see him here on slide 4: [link] in a presentation where Ritter is in the center, and the Humboldts, Schleiermacher, Fichte, Hegel, Hufeland, ... around him !

Possibilities Limmited - Values not to be negotiated
"Possibilities/Resources exhausted"!
Union of Concerned Scientist ***** poster !! in the GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition and get very CONCERNED ***** I add here the GOOGLE search as GOOGLE and in particular GOOGLE MAPS is immensely part of the problem mentioned here **** check *********** and Franfurt Bookfair and and ******

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This is Heiner Benking's News Log, a private-public diary presenting events, symposia and happenings in Berlin and elsewhere - my farings, foci, issues and concerns.
The Log links in to my work and interests and presents issues and special concern of maybe a very small group of "concerned, engaged generalist" - a Global Interest Group (GIG). This needs to be seen in contrast to the ubiquitous Specialized Interest Groups (SIGs), the "scientific" approach to organize subject areas and specialization and standardization and harmonization! of means, nomenclatures, and modes of thinking. One of my favorite stories is "Longing for Unified Knowledge" where such a "specialist" runs into the founding session of the early general systems associations, mumbling "this is not my field" (as reported by Ivan M. Havel in our ISSS Wholeness Seminar).
As a starter I also recommend to check my MINDPRINT site, where we add the need for HANDPRINTS and MINDPRINTS, as FOOTPRINTS are good to visualize and communicate numbers, densities or consumption per area, but are not sufficient to negotiate and "harmonize" across domains and communicate gains in different cultures, technologies, times,... in short: incompatible but relevant information and our work on dialog, peace, policy-making, and multi-modal, faceted issues and consequences.
What am I? This is a "well-packed" question for which I have not the or a single answer. Some called me an in-betweener, go-getter, facilitator, hub, marvel-hero, trim-tab, bricoleur, bricoleers??? - career designeer, .... Some even "hank" which I disliked or Story which I liked very much !!
I have no single answer as I feel we need to walk the talk and sing and dance Life ! in spectra and fields in multiple embodied spaces.
To nebulous an answer? I am sorry but I do not go for overclaims and oversimplifications, under-complex and over-simplistic approaches with clan-think mindsets about real issues in clear contexts!

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