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Oikos-Ecumene-Ecodomy - contribution to a conference on space and sacred spaces. The proposal to share a World House or House of Eyes as part of a cognitive panorama

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 Team Genius !! - Leonardo 3.4.5. in Berlin next Thursday
picture picture picture picture 14 Jul 2014 @ 10:17
ANNOUNCEMENT next Thursday evening in Berlin !

Activation and optimization of organizational potentials
Your organization and teams potentials and talents might be much more than you think. You just need to activate them.

LEONARDO 3.4.5 is a research based expert tool that identifies potentials and talents of individuals inside a working environment. It provides a platform for consultants to facilitate the development of organizational performance.

LEONARDO 3.4.5 facilitators run development workshops for their participant's projects in order to enhance people's understanding of team effectiveness and its relevance in meeting business challenges. [link]

Needs translation:
Team Genius Workshop zur Einführung in Leonardo 3 * 4 * 5
Prof. Dr Christa Muth, Elke Eich, Heiner Benking

UFA Fabrik, Berlin - Karte
17. Juli 2014, 19:00 - 21:00 Uhr - Nebenraum-Theatersaal

Programm  More >

 European Eco-villages - butterflies - 40 yrs Globetrotters - World Soccer 2014
picture picture picture picture 13 Jul 2014 @ 21:54
what days and nights the last 2 weeks - we "celebrate" and share & care, trying to make a differnce by serving not only in "eco-communities" but as elders and sevants...
I just return home after days/weeks 21/7 - what an exposure..... outburned - since only a few times before.... reincarnation again and again as a buttetfly is real labour but has its merrits....

above sre pictures from the ECOVILLAGES Night and 15 Years Ago, celebrating Rio+ 5 or 10, I need to check. This was at the UFA-Fabrik where we gathered around PNW, POOL, and Youth-Leader...

The Butterfly map is a real treasure for me. See the links on in-betweener ***** and PNYV , *****

Returning ftom Belzig:
After the Near Death OPEN SPACE last week **** - I returned from 4 days ECO - VILLAGES: *****
Welcome to the ZEGG Community! - Intentional Community ...

It was like a friends & family reunion - what days and nights !! at GEN 2014

I missed most of 40 years GLOBETROTTERS **** but such is LIFE and I feel anyway ecovillages have more at

Quellen und vertiefendes Material finden Sie unter folgendem Link:

we are preparing for LEONARDO 3.4.5. - so check next week - negligence and ignorance in view of the challanges and dilemmas we face since long... [link]  More >

picture picture picture 6 Jul 2014 @ 04:13
Attending the German Network for NAHTODERFAHRUNG NEAR DEATH STUDIES part of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR NEAR DEATH STUDIES. Top interesting also International presenters and workshops - and an Open Space we facilitate as Open-Forum [link] - Check the Netzwerk page.

A twin "celebration - jubilee" around a church and academy - 40 years near-death research - 10 years Network Near Death.
We are doing here only an event, an Open-Space - check the docu later and come back...

It's Sunday and we are again in a Church, for a "modified OPEN-SPACE" this time in Westfalia, you remember Westaphalian Peace ? Long time ago but needed as after the Medivial Ages.

All in German - sorry ! but maybe next time in Asilomar or at the Mondsee, Salzburg.? Meanwhile check IONS - AIZU (below) and this NEWCIV site.

What I share in sessions? Consciouisness Studies, The Cartographer of Consciousness Brian Hort in OMNI Mag 1980 - check chapter 4 and 5 of this proceedings: Metaphors, Life-Like Agents, Imitation & Embodiment, Analogies. Computation for Metaphors, Analogy and Agents: An International Workshop at University of Aizu, Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Japan, 6-10 April 1998 My presentation had the title: Sharing and Changing Realities with Extra Degrees of Freedom of Movement

Participants are very concerned and somehow very special. With their experiences they are aware of different perspectives, speak about the personal, inner perspective, lets call it the normal experiential perspective, and the perspective from a "high stand" which is not embodied, but real. I feel at home, as this is somehow a "me" and "we" perspective and has positions connected to it ! - so we can communicate about it - share it - negotiate experiences and perceptions. I speak in work-out sessions and in the Lobby about the EYES and Positions and I feel many more people are getting me here, more than in any other community I saw in my travels. Anyone interested to gig deeper? TO SEE WITH OTHER EYES - translation not finalized yet !!

Some participants talk about HUGO KUECKELHAUS as a lot can be visited here at his "home" I also feel very much "at home" description and someone even saw the similarity in appearance between Beuys and Farah Lenser our Moderator, so this really like am appealing, haunted, whole and very special place, with a group of very dedicated, commited and warm, authentic people discussing <>NEAR DEATH Experiences and what you have taken in when returning from - What!? - Where? .... - all this in California in the 60th and 70th... well you get the story...  More >

 Avant-Garde POLITICIAN - Leaders for a New Epoche without EarthLiteracy!?
picture picture 1 Jul 2014 @ 02:03
Snailmail arrived after 6 weeks for getting from Jerusalem to Berlin - maybe swimming with some boat people !? - You see I am getting sarcastic today - as I remember our ANNA LINDH FOUNDATION Mediterranian Project Competition searching for crowd-seed funding: Mediterra

The new book from Yehezkel Dror !! what a great gift and great book ! and it is incredibly cheap ! I wonder why I waited for ships - planes - and snailmail

In this iconoclastic book, Dror argues that humanity cascades through a metamorphosis, driven mainly by science and technology. Radical human enhancement, synthesis of viruses, quasi-intelligent robots and molecular engineering illustrate the emerging quantum leap, as do value changes ranging between mass-killing fanaticisms to human “maturation.” Along with the windfall of opportunities for thriving that the emerging epoch offers, dangers of calamities, including the demise of humanity, require thinking in terms of raison d’humanité, a powerful Global Authority and new modes of human existence. Dror argues that a new approach to political leadership is the key to the future of humanity amidst these monumental changes. Our current political leaders are inadequate: new, avant-garde politicians are required to cope with the fateful challenges that lie ahead. Avant-Garde Politician offers a thorough overview of the changing human condition. The author proposes innovative human survival and thriving imperatives, a Global Humanity Constitutions establishing a decisive global regime, and some radical value changes – including the addition of duties to human rights. He also suggests novel approaches to composing humanity-craft, such as regulating science and technology. And specifies the qualities required from avant-garde politicians together with ways to acquire them. Based on multiple academic disciplines combined with extensive personal experience of the author in “hot corridors” of power worldwide, this book will be of interest to leaders, policy advisors, scholars, scientists, students, and all concerned about the future of humanity.

See the description by the publishers:
I received from Yehezkel as an appetizer which is close to my work and heart, Come back, but maybe check first check Chapter 9 to see some foundationals for me, I like best the story of HG WELLS obout the "COUNTRY OF THE BLIND"....

I wrote about this book and the issues around decision making, policy, governace in this blog below. Enjoy: An Avant-Garde Leader ? bridging Episodes&Epoches, Sectors&Scales, Mindsets ...  More >

 LEBBEUS WOODS. ON-LINE at ANCB - Aedes Network Campus Berlin
picture picture picture 29 Jun 2014 @ 03:20
A cooperation between Aedes Network Campus Berlin, ANCB The Metropolitan Laboratory, and the Tchoban Foundation, Museum for Architectural Drawing, on the occasion of the exhibition opening Lebbeus Woods. ON-LINE.

Deeply moved !! I never heard before about Lebbeus Woods. Listening to the closing panel of his compagnions, scholars and former students was really moving. They subsumed and resonnated and in lived what they saw in him, a real raw-modal, an inspiring teacher and great artist, scholar, philosopher, architect, media and sysgtems "guru" who also seems to enjoyed he was teaching, tutoring, creating and performing. On the panel senior and achieved producers, scholars, tutors, architects, artists, what a great of very special "pupils" celebrating and remembering Lebbeus with a great exhibition. For me it all seemed to like meeting virtually another but also very different Alfred Schinz [link] whom I mentioned as my raw-model, the architect-artist of the exact and fine arts.

Being again with architects and artists after all this policy and environment the last days is really rewarding. Great participants and long talks till very late.... I stongly recommend to check out the programme, the exhibition, the panelists and the funding and performing organizations, movers and chakers.. Kristin Feireiss, Director, ANCB The Metropolitan Laboratory, Berlin, Sergei Tchoban, Founder of the Tchoban Foundation. Museum for Architectural Drawing, Mark Morris, Director of Exhibitions at Cornell University College of Architecture, Art and Planning, Ithaca/NY

and this film !! „Lebbeus Woods + Steven Holl: The Practice of Architecture“, by Michael Blackwood (53 min.) I asked if he was around Feyerabend and Schinz .... and a lot of dee delibarations and encounters around media, signs, architecture, arts, drawings and curating... "evolved", I could even talk about "my" supersigns and multi-modal approaches and superstructures/"model assemblages", and all the turns (linguistic, iconic, schematic, "modelic" TURNS and TURFS... [link]
THANK YOU - THIS WAS ELEVATING like a couple of birthday parties in the garden, with champaign & more ... I feel Lebbeus would have enjoyed it !!

more at: ANCB (Aedes Network Campus Berlin) and Aedes Architekturforum  More >

 TRANSATLANTIC CYBER-DIALOG - Multi-stakeholder, multi-track diplomacy challenges
picture picture picture 27 Jun 2014 @ 16:33
TRANSATLANTIC CYBER-DIALOGUE about Ensuring Security and Freedom.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND: German Mission to UN @GermanyUN · Jun 27
FM Steinmeier at #Cyberdialogue w/@Podesta44: We must create internet of the people, by the people & for the people. Check Steinmeiers talk ! a lot of public material is available. Check the FOREIGN OFFICE website !: search for: „Ensuring Security and Freedom“ at [link] and The focus is on: „Big Data, Security and Privacy“ incl. „Economic Innovation“ & „International Cyber Cooperation“. check Twitter #cyberdialogue @AuswaertigesAmt

Exhausting, Important, Thrilling, Productive, ... Deep Deliberations about central issues: Security, Big Data, Intelligence and Surveilance, Big brother and multi-Stakeholder efforts on all levels with professionals from Indutry, Academia, and policy making and Diplomacy. Only US-GERMAN talks, but we need to start somewhere, right? My concern is also to get the dots, issues, .. connected maybe get here for more on collecting, connecting, harnessing, ....

The format-mix, a public streamed part, an internal consultations with experts following the Chatham House Rules this is a very good compromise and approach. As you know I like deep informed exchanges, deliberations, encounters, negotiations, .... Living multi-track democracy, policymaking, governance, peacemaking, democracy, .... you name it...
Whyle busy I recommend in this blog: Big Data - Smart Data: Big Smart Data - Small, Smart, Wise Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom ? and Chances and Risks of Social Participation - Living Democracy

The internal talks ...  More >

 Leibniz Society - Transdisciplinary Decentral Coordination? Presidents & Agendas
picture picture picture 26 Jun 2014 @ 10:34
One of the nuggets of Academic and Research World and its Pragmatic Implementation on all scales and in all sectors, this LEIBNIZ SOCIETY is celebrating today the outgoing and incoming presidents.

but before: lets note: Leibniz Society is a Gemeinschaft, not a Gesellschaft or Genossenschaft ! - Gesellschaft = Society
So there is a subtle but critical difference: a Gemeinschaft can be a collective, a community, alliance, association, communion, companionship, even co-habitations, .... see - we - the COMMONS ... there we are ELINOR OSTROM !! in this blog:

So as another column in science management beside NATIONAL, Frauenhofer, May-Planck Society, ... Germany tries something perticipatory, bottom-up? An open experiment !! I was happy with a set of unique participants, and so maybe we continue an experiment with such ivory towers and a new tower !? - or really open up !
Ihis is what I feel / proposed we might update for the 25th of GLOBAL CHANGE Challnges with all this "partners": CHALLENGES TO SCIENCE AND POLITICS 1990 [link]

This are the speeches of the presidents: (highly recommended) Karl Ulrich Mayer: [link] and Rede Matthias Kleiner: [link] - (CV): [link]

As we heard yesterday so much about setting examples, leading and extraordinary life, I feel it is time to check how this can be done on societal level, serving community and humankind.

Outstanding scopes and achievements here in the ACADEMY OF ARTS ! [link] in Berlin !! not in the ACADEMY of SCIENCES ! All this has some deeper meaning – this relatively only recently coming to life, getting real and successful brings some promises, and so I hope we can look into real and serving transdisciplinarity which is working not again in limited VERBÜNDEN ! but looking at bigger pictures and frames. The speaches above are very promising so we should really follow such star-high goals…

pls note: we are at the ACADEMY of ARTS - I mean exact and fine arts !!
so we are gathering here not in the Academy of Sciences ! which is BBAW locally founded by Leibniz - or the National Leopoldina Academy, Halle, but we are in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate !! Pariser Platz !!

We are still having a reception, but maybe check meanwhile a series around Leibniz some years ago. My session was on the Problems of Philosophy: Anschauung und Ausdehnung [link]
I also think about the early work by IIASA on transdisciplinarity, I cite “Sectarianism of Science” in my article: Ignorance or Compassion? [link] You might enjoy the book on
Ecological Awareness: Exploring Religion, Ethics and Aesthetics [link]  More >

 Ernst von Weizsäcker: An Environment, Climate, Energy & Policy Pioneer
picture picture picture picture picture 25 Jun 2014 @ 11:35
Celebrating today the 75th birthday of Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker on June 25, 2014, the following book has been published in English: Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker (Ed.): Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker: A Pioneer on Environmental, Climate and Energy Policies – Presented by Uwe Schneidewind, Pioneers in Science and Practice, vol. 28 (Cham – Heidelberg – New York – Dordrecht – London: Springer, 2014)

Ernst's 75th brithday is today !!

The celebrations were organized by the VDW and the WUPPERTAL INSTITUT "CHALLENGE SUSTAINABILITY" site:

"Ernst" has been a dertermind man, who took chances, left offices, parliaments, universities, and started from scrath; fresh from square one in unfamiliar terrains, like one would find in California. Professor Töpfer mentioned one of the his key qualities as, leaving old tracks and starting fresh, even though he's moving against the wind and surrounding himself with "aliens"... and friends - like a serving diplomat in view of the stars and visions...

I feel we should speak up on such a great day. We looked deeper into leverage points and challenges that we face when it comes to resources we had and unfortunately lost, misused or applied at the wrong time or in strange places for strange reasons or attractors.

We discuss here conceptual and temporal frames; what important issues...  More >

 EuroDIG 2nd day & Eulogy for Frank Schirrmacher
picture picture 13 Jun 2014 @ 06:33
EULOGY: Frank Schirrmacher [link] the media-doyen who concerned himself very much about the impact and influences of the Digital Age on Democracy - what this means for our autonomy and identity - has gone. He died yesterday, its all over in the National News today here in Germany, read the Newspapers.
I did agree with his concerns about our "Societal Aging" - he called the Methusalem Komplott and some of his other dossies and "urges". I feel his stance on our theme here at EuroDIG is very well founded and should be carefully revisited/reviewed. He was one of the "early birds" in the German media the last 20 years, dying much, nuch to early.
[link] I will try to add here some English voices a.s.a.p.

Digital society at stake – Europe and the future of the Internet check the LifeStream !! follow also the Tweets, Sites, ... (come back)

On now is the State Secretary: Stefan Kapferer
I invite you to check what is up around "CAPACITIES, CAPABILITES, COMPETENCES" and the HUNANE INFORMATION SOCIETY as discussed 20 years ago... this is a contribution when it was already dead, as it was "early early" and we always search for new hypes and jargon. Maybe check GLOBAL LEARN DAY 1998: A Humane Information Society or Information War ? - Reflections about Societies, Cultures, Human Potentials and Tools such as: Filters, Brokers, Agents, Knowbots, and Maps.  More >

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The Log links in to my work and interests and presents issues and special concern of maybe a very small group of "concerned, engaged generalist" - a Global Interest Group (GIG). This needs to be seen in contrast to the ubiquitous Specialized Interest Groups (SIGs), the "scientific" approach to organize subject areas and specialisation and standardisation of means, nomenclatures, and modes of thinking. One of my favourite stories is "Longing for Unified Knowledge" where such a "specialist" runs into the founding session of the early general systems associations, mumbling "this is not my field" (as reported by Ivan M. Havel in our ISSS Wholeness Seminar).
As a starter I also recommend to check my MINDPRINT site, where we add the need for HANDPRINTS and MINDPRINTS, as FOOTPRINTS are good to visualize and communicate numbers, densities or consumption per area, but are not sufficient to negotiate and "harmonize" across domains and communicate gains in different cultures, technologies, times,... in short: incompatible but relevant information and our work on dialog, peace, policy-making, and multi-modal, facetted issues and consequences.

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