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Towards one Possible Global Embodied Covenant: Models, - not just Systems, Signs, Words and Images - Interdisciplinary Conference 2004: The Evolution of World Order - EWOC

Using Maps and Models, SuperSigns and SuperStructures - CODATA 2005

Granularity, Topicality, and Generalization of Information - Reflections about maps and models, orienting generalizations and their possible pragmatic and ethical implications and challenges, CODATA 2005

Oikos-Ecumene-Ecodomy - contribution to a conference on space and sacred spaces. The proposal to share a World House or House of Eyes as part of a cognitive panorama

Panoptic, the need to see big pictures on common jointly explored and discussed schemas or frames


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TU TU WAS - Zusammenhaenge begreifen
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12 these education - LIFE IS TOO FLAT

EXTENSIONS - Medical-Scientific Network /
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A Quote I like:

You can't solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created it. (A.Einstein)

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 World-Civilizing ala Atatürk & Peace Mediation & Exploring Digital Horizons
picture picture picture picture picture 25 Nov 2014 @ 15:07
Atatürk-Tages / Tag der Weltzivilisierung

see more and text below

English website: [link]

I also recommend the videos below !

Vermittler von Vermittlern und Unterstützer Backoffice...? MediatorenMapping !
meanwhile I recommend: [link]

There was a chance to sum-up in working group 3 and speak from the floor in the final plenary session. I shared the Website and mentioned the AXIOMS of SDP: [link], the recommendations of COMMONS Actions Alliance (ECOSOC), see 2 weeks ago [link] and this link: [link]
and in regard to the WISDOM CIRCLES the Africa Beyond Poverty conference in Nairobi 1995 ***** and this papers on formats to gobeyond sharing in meetings, but empowering, giving voice, co-create,... The Spoons, Beads, Birds Phaenomenon paper: [link]  More >

 Charter for the Future - Zukunftscharta - One World - Our Responsibility
picture picture 24 Nov 2014 @ 13:16

8 action fields beyond the smallest common denominator....

* Ensuring a life of dignity for all everywhere
* Protecting natural resources and manage them sustainably
* Combine economic growth, sustainability and decent work
* Combinie economic growth, sustainability and decent work
* Promote and ecncure human rights and good governance
* Build peace adn strngthen human security
* Respect and protect cultural and religious diversity
* Drive transformational change through innovation, technology and digitalisation

THE 8 COMMANDMENTS - the "ultimate" must but how and how to make them alive, make examples which reinforce and support each other, make them form lasting results???
Still searching for an English website .... as such headline can be used as "palstic words", out of context and meaningless...
check also: Open Knowledge Foundation ... [link]

Venro: [link]

I feel we should place not all expectations on the children, it is good to place hope on the youth and that they can generate and mobilize by using new (social media) -but I feel it needs more... at this point I can only repeat to revist the MDG and SDG discussion and how do generate WIN WIN WIN gains. Please check this Recommendations of the COMMONS ALLIANCE around the UN - ECOSOC activities (Recommendations to Heads of States, Ambassadors, the Secretariat General: [link]

Chancellor Merkel speaks about Orders and Foundations/Columns. Let see how they look like and if they are real !!

Maybe checkthis publication in a series on ECOLOGICAL JUSTICE and POVERTY REDUCTION: [link] and some slides: [link]

 UN International Conference on Nutrition - Futures Prize by German President
picture picture picture 20 Nov 2014 @ 00:51
Comming back from NAGOYA & TOKYO with little coverage in the Media) I find 2 crosscutting events on my desk: Nutrition and Nutrition - my point here: we are "rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic".Check: [link]

today:ROME: [link]
After twenty-two years the second UN International Conference on Nutrition. Da Silva says the world faces new challenges since the last meeting - 22 years ago.
World leaders have adopted voluntary guidelines to fight malnutrition at a UN summit. Two billion people, almost one in three around the world, suffer from deficiencies such as a lack of vitamin A, iodine, iron or zinc.
[link] check: The Food & Agriculture Spotlight [link] @oxfutureoffood @FAOnoticias — FAO Newsroom @FAOnews

today: BERLIN: Federal President Joachim Gauck awarded the Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2014 [link] on Wednesday, 19 November in Berlin. Guests from the worlds of science and industry attend the German President's Award for Innovation in Science and Technology.
check: Dr. Stephanie Mittermaier, Dr. habil. Peter Eisner and Katrin Petersen with "Food Additives from Lupins - Contributing to a Balanced Diet and Enhanced Protein Supply" a process that extracts ingredients with a convincing flavor from lupin seeds for use in vegetarian and vegan food products. [link]

Nutrition is in the News in Germany, but what about our Education and Sustainability issue with UNESCO and UNU last week? We can get health and nutrition into the news - but how about holistic and complex issues?
If you check with GOOGLE News top ranking are from Africa and Maroc: HOW COME?

When are we going to address issues not any more in isolation in our "sweet" silos? Maybe check "Sectarianism of Science" Options Mag page 17-18, [link] : Ignorance or Compassion? [link]
and maybe Sectarianism of Media and Policy Making. I am a little frustrated in view of efforts the last 25+ years. Maybe check also: group- and clan-think and maybe we need to add "nation-think" and "institution-think" in the terminology and thinking of John Warfield. [link]

So how can we leave or I and WE position and viewpoint and go back to GLOBAL INTERESTS and COMMON FRAMES !? Who has a "mandate" and "voice" to speak up ! See GIGs - GLOBAL INTEREST GROUPS - in the right column of this blog...


 Immersion, Education and Learnings - some "mindset" reflections and realisations
19 Nov 2014 @ 02:12
I returned last night from a 14 days learning and immersion trip, extreme as only one nearly 40 years ago. Both were rule-set resetting in quite culturally alien "lands" and helpful to question my patterns, frames, mind-sets, ...
To be clear this is my "story" not about a certain conference, event, convention, incident, ... but a reflection to learn what is behind my and other learnings.

The trip began Nov4 and I returned Nov18, so quite a time for inner and outer experiences ....

I will add more later, maybe come back - or stay in touch....

 Filling the GAP - Global Action Plan (for ESD) only !?
16 Nov 2014 @ 08:40
The days after the NAGOYA DESD are even more packed and exciting, Pauli, Sachs, Daly, .... the UNU and Tokyo is really a cradle on the level of New York, Washington, San Francisco, London, Berlin, .... I am grateful to have the chance to observe, hightlight great outcomes and oulooks, and maybe add an extra view, welcome or sometimes not!
see: [link] and COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTERS: [link]

First I was quite concerned, I was at an international GAP gathering in 1993 in Devon, see Global Action Plan (GAP) So there seems to be a "gap" at least since since 21 years. Is it really a good name for a programme by UNESCO and UNU so close to the original global scope of the EcoTeams [link] and their practical approaches to make a difference by checking personal approaches and "gains" and associated to the WHO Global Action Plan?, see the "community" [link]
I need to check that tomorrow at the UNU.... as it is a challenge to fill gaps and spaces !!, but how to fill canyons and the abyss ?

For me it is only an example of how much is there and known (but in different heads) ***** and much ways to cope and share in common frames of references are needed. This bytheway was the motto of the UNEP _ HEM Harmonization Programme which was closed about the times teh EcoTeams GAP was founded... I also recommend Linkages: [link]
but also this PDS: [link]

Coming back to the new Programme for 2015 onwards by UNESCO, UNU, and maybe the wider UN community and its ambitious means and ends. here are some annoncements: [link]

I struggeled a lot around and about positive, good examples to make a difference. See the origins of the magazine as Positive News Youth-Views where we looked into ways to identify Positive News as founded within Positive Nett-Works: [link], example for the Youth to learn from and improve, maybe connect and gain from integrated, joint approaches. [link]

In Okayama, Nagoya, and Tokyo I mentioned during this 10 days in various events. As I promised links and background materials in many of my conversations. Pls. check (more) below.  More >

picture picture 10 Nov 2014 @ 02:01
OPENING OF THE WORLD CONFERENCE: Education for Sustainable Developement

Check links and streams ! (also below)

Notes: A holistic approach is requested - but also Kofi Annan mentioning that the great challenge is to make an abtract concept "real and alive" *** needs checking...- breaking new grounds - but how to evaluate? and put down to shared action? more...

 UNESCO DESD Okayama - Nagoya - Tokyo & RECs & Déjà vu EXPO 2005 AICHI
picture picture picture 6 Nov 2014 @ 18:27
The UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) - About: - DESD Aichi, Nagoya - {link:
Meanwhile maybe check the programme while all is geared here to series of events for a week in various locations here in Japan the fist 2 weeks of November: Programme

For about 10 days the academic, cultural, educational policy elites discuss "environment" in general in Japan, in the World at all scales, in every setting and household. Maybe what we called a "Cognitive Panorama Space" or check: CULTURE OF PEACE 1997 as we are just back from Hirohima ... [link]

What an all-encompassing topic if you consider learning and education in the widest possible sense, ranging from higher education, research, management to even life-long learning, kindergarten, school and vocational training.
The even discuss scales and frames, not just sectors and times and places, I am getting a little sarcastic here, but maybe the best start, even for something very old and new is "Now" ! Check the COMMONS Cluster Recommendations 9 and 10/2014:

Learning to live in harmony and not harming the right of future generations, the living kingdom/cosmos and the broadest level of survival for all.
I suddenly recall COP as a late eulogy (Copthorne Mac Donald) description [link] and his action segments: [link] link so lets see how we concert all action areas and objectives and come to overarching „winning“ approaches across sectors, cultures, scales .... hear-hear - but maybe also go back to the US AAAS & NAS 2001 Grand Environmental Challenges: description [link] A good point to start is in 2001 or 1988-1990 ! here: description [link]

But first here the links to the UNESCO ESD Decade and wealth of side-event and pre- and post-conferences in many places.... In Bonn in 2009 we had the 5 years mid-term international event and last month we „celebrated“ the closing of the German Decade activities, and now with an international gathering we try to get a wider perspective on all the aspects in many cultures over the last 10 years.

Is all Life in Circles !? I learned to what my and other peoples metaphors, maps, and models, so I have to strongly object to such an perplexing undercomplex oversimplification. Difficult terms? maybe check "our" ENCYCLOPEDIA: [link] - [link] .....  More >

picture picture picture picture picture
 World Health Summit - Ebola @ & Global Challenges and Crisis/Crises?
picture 19 Oct 2014 @ 07:41
World Health Summit @WorldHealthSmt in Berlin, Oct 19-22 STREAM

I read on the wall in the Foreign Office Weltsaal: "Health is not everything, but without it everything is nothing witout health!"

Issues like Health, same as Environment or Security are central concerns for the international policy and management agenda. Same es economy, culture and education, security, finance, climate.... Just check the UN and its organisations.
The Secretary General of the WHO Mrs Brundtland, a Lady I really appreciated as being straightforward, was taking on the WHO after being the mother of Rio 1992 and being a Head of State and getting advise from very interesting bodies, like the ACGHR - Advisory Body on Global Health Research.
So how to structure and manage a UN-Organisation, have it funded approriately to face global epidemic dangers? This discussion has some learning for the drive, specially of countries like Germany to possiby establish a WEO World Environmental Organisation.

My first Point at this Summit: I will raise will be to look into Frames and Connections, Overlaps and ways to coordinate and check how we have the UN agencies have better Access and resources, but also better concert inside and outside, with sister organisations and the "rest": across scales, sectors, times, terminologies.

The Press Conference is soon and all is streamed,...  More >

 Net-Politics, Master Course, OnLine, UN-Democracy,... Barcelona & Birmingham
18 Oct 2014 @ 14:34
Yesterday and Today hectic and full days, important and critical days in my "worlds"... But such is Life here in Berlin and mentally already half in in Nagoya I can only hightlight some titles and links. Besides, we "pushed" another letter by the Commons Causcus to Heads of States for Nagoya !

1) THAT IS INTERNET POLITICS: Das ist Netzpolitik! 10 years critical approaches to the internet and human rights by top movers, shakers, and insiders. I really enjoyed seeing buddies for years from CCC, WSIS, newthinking, ... but alos very interesting new people. Important and critical event - check the sessions ! and Speakers:
Some presentations were thoughtful - others have to make us think how to overcome the nightmare of an Orwellian "Monster with 5 eyes",or Sasch Lobo and the "World as an Airport"

2) The Masterdays2014 [link] in Library Sciences in Potsdam, I came too late for Professor Kuhlen, and it is horrible anyway in days of train-traffic strikes in Germany. *****

3) On Sunday the Journalist organized by my press association have a day for online 2014 [link] I recall World Press Center ****

4) and now Global Governance 2.0 - Wie machen wir die Welt wieder regierbar?

I shared the new Book from Yehezkel Dror
Avant-Garde POLITICIAN - Leaders for a New Epoche without EarthLiteracy!? [link]
and informed about our Letter to Heads of States by the COMMONS Caucus and there about point 3 ans Stuctured Dialogic Design. Well let us see what is comming out of this.

5) AEDES [link] - Vernissage about Barcelona RE.SET. The Work of the Enric Miralles Foundation [link]
and the Birmingham Library - Impressive ! Die Bibliothek von Birmingham und andere Bauten für die Öffentlichkeit [link]

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This is my News Log, a private-public diary presenting events, symposia and happenings in Berlin and elsewhere, my farings, focus, and concerns.
The Log links in to my work and interests and presents issues and special concern of maybe a very small group of "concerned, engaged generalist" - a Global Interest Group (GIG). This needs to be seen in contrast to the ubiquitous Specialized Interest Groups (SIGs), the "scientific" approach to organize subject areas and specialisation and standardisation of means, nomenclatures, and modes of thinking. One of my favourite stories is "Longing for Unified Knowledge" where such a "specialist" runs into the founding session of the early general systems associations, mumbling "this is not my field" (as reported by Ivan M. Havel in our ISSS Wholeness Seminar).
As a starter I also recommend to check my MINDPRINT site, where we add the need for HANDPRINTS and MINDPRINTS, as FOOTPRINTS are good to visualize and communicate numbers, densities or consumption per area, but are not sufficient to negotiate and "harmonize" across domains and communicate gains in different cultures, technologies, times,... in short: incompatible but relevant information and our work on dialog, peace, policy-making, and multi-modal, facetted issues and consequences.
What am I? This is a "well-packed" question for which I have not the or a single answer. Some People called me an in-betweener, go-getter, facilitator, hub, marvel-hero, trim-tab, ....
I have not single answer as I feel we Need to walk the talk and sing and dance Life !
To nebulous an answer? I am sorry but I do not go for overclaims and oversimplifications, under-complex and over-simplistic approaches to real issues.

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